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‘Zo United’ Formed in Aizawl, Promoting Better Coordination Between Mizoram and Manipur for Kuki-Hmar-Zomi-Mizo Communities

Aizawl, September 20 – In a significant development aimed at fostering unity and cooperation among the Kuki-Hmar-Zomi-Mizo communities, a meeting was convened at the Central YMA Hall in Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl. The gathering focused on the formation of ‘Zo United,’ a collaborative effort to better coordinate the interests and concerns of these communities spanning Mizoram and Manipur. The initiative builds upon the 6th September Aizawl Resolution and was unanimously reaffirmed by all participating members.

The meeting was presided over by Convenor Letpao Haokip, the Minister of Tribal Affairs and Hills, with Chinlunthang Zou, MLA from Singat, serving as the recording secretary.

Deliberations and Formation of ‘Zo United’

During the first session of the meeting, representatives from various Inpuis (tribal councils) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) belonging to the Kuki-Hmar-Zomi-Mizo communities discussed the formation of ‘Zo United’ and proposed portfolio distributions.

In the subsequent session, Convenor Pu Letpao Haokip presented a proposal for the Office Bearers of ‘Zo United’ in the presence of Central YMA observers Pu Prof. Malsawmliana, Assistant Secretary, and Pu Roneihthanga, Finance Secretary of CYMA (Central Young Mizo Association). This proposal garnered unanimous acceptance from all attending Inpui and tribe leaders, as well as CSOs, culminating in the successful formation of ‘Zo United.’

The Office Bearers of ‘Zo United’ are as follows:

  1. Convener – MPC (Mizo People’s Conference) – Pu Albert L. Renthlei
  2. Co-Convener – ZC (Zomi Council) – Pu John K. Ngaihte
  3. Co-Convener – KIM (Kuki Inpui Manipur) – Pu Ajang Khongsai
  4. Secretary – Hmar Inpui – Pu Lalhrillien Zote
  5. Secretary (Finance) – COTU (Chin Organizations & Tribal Union) – Pu Thanglen Kipgen
  6. Secretary (Information & Publicity) – ITLF (Indigenous Tribal Liberation Front) – Pu Pagin Haokip
  7. Executive Members:
  • HTC (Hmar Thadou Kuki Coordination Committee) – Pu Mangminlian Singson (Moreh)
  • Kuki Inpui Chandel – Pu Seithang Haokip
  • Kuki Inpui Tengnoupal – Pu Khaimang Guite
  • ITAC/Jiribam & Pherzawl – Pu Rothangkhum Sungte (to be inducted in ITAC)
  • All tribe Presidents not represented above.

Commendation from Central YMA

Observer Pu Prof. Malsawmliana, Assistant Secretary of CYMA, delivered a brief speech during the meeting. He commended and encouraged the delegates for coming together and successfully forming ‘Zo United.’ His words acknowledged the importance of unity and collaboration in addressing the collective interests and concerns of the Kuki-Hmar-Zomi-Mizo communities across the two states.

The emergence of ‘Zo United’ signals a promising step toward enhancing coordination and cooperation among these communities. It is expected to facilitate a more united voice and collective action on issues that matter to them, ultimately contributing to the welfare and development of the Kuki-Hmar-Zomi-Mizo peoples in Mizoram and Manipur.

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