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Zo United Unveils New Logo, Appoints Secretary

Zo United, a newly formed organization that aims to unite the Zo-ethnic communities in Manipur, has announced its new secretary and unveiled its logo on Friday. The organization, which was established on September 6, 2023, under the leadership of NGO Coordination Committee in Mizoram, held its second executive level meeting at the Zo United Office, MPC Office, Lamka.

The meeting was attended by 48 leaders representing various Zo-ethnic groups in Manipur, along with two Zo-ethnic ministers and five MLAs. The participants discussed the agenda for the upcoming meeting of the Zo United Convenor Team and Indian Red Cross Society in Mizoram and Delhi.

The meeting also witnessed the appointment of Rev. Lalnghakthang Hmar by vote as the new secretary of the organization. He will join the leadership team of Zo United, which consists of a convener, two co-conveners, and three other secretaries. The leadership team was appointed at the Central YMA Hall in Aizawl on September 21, 2023.

A new logo for Zo United was also adopted and officially unveiled in the same meeting. The logo features a stylized representation of a hornbill, a traditional symbol of the Zo-ethnic people, along with the name of the organization in English and Mizo script.

Zo United’s primary objective is to bring together Zo-ethnic brothers and sisters residing in Manipur under one banner. The organization’s formation follows the unanimous decision made during the NGO Coordination Committee meeting in Mizoram, chaired by the President of the Central Young Mizo Association, on September 6, 2023. The organization hopes to address the core issues affecting the Zo community in Manipur, such as political representation, cultural preservation, and social welfare.

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