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Mizoram Government Donates Medical Supplies to Churachandpur District Hospital

In response to an appeal for assistance by the Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF) on July 28, 2023, regarding a shortage of medical supplies in Churachandpur amid the ongoing ethnic tensions in Manipur, the Mizoram government has taken action. The Health Ministry of Mizoram has contributed medicines and medical supplies worth Rs. 500,000 to Churachandpur’s district hospital. This includes dialysis consumables valued at over Rs 200,000, intended for chronic kidney disease patients.

A significant portion of the funds for these supplies, amounting to Rs 200,000, has been donated by multiple doctors.

The ITLF expressed gratitude in a press release, acknowledging the unwavering support of the Mizoram government and its people during this challenging time for the Kuki-Zo tribals in Manipur.

Previously, leaders from the Zomi Council Steering Committee of Manipur met with Mizoram Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga. During this meeting, the Manipur delegation conveyed their appreciation for Pu Zoramthanga’s dedicated service to the Zo-ethnic community in Manipur.

The Zomi Council Steering Committee took the opportunity to present their concerns and requests to Pu Zoramthanga. In response, the Chief Minister provided valuable insights and advice. Despite the upcoming elections in Mizoram posing potential challenges to immediate assistance, Chief Minister Zoramthanga assured the committee that their demands would be given careful consideration by the administration.

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