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Two-Day Mizoram Assembly Session Set to Begin on August 22

Mizoram Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati has scheduled a two-day session for the Mizoram Assembly, set to convene on August 22 and 23, according to officials’ statements on Sunday.

Preparations for the session are underway, with a total of six government bills slated for introduction. Moreover, the assembly secretariat has received 237 starred questions and 119 unstarred questions for the upcoming session.

In addition, the session will include the presentation of 12 papers, all part of the planned proceedings.

Notably, this session is the final one before the Assembly elections scheduled for later this year. The current legislative assembly of Mizoram will conclude on December 17.

In the previous 2018 Assembly elections, the Mizo National Front (MNF) secured victory in 26 out of 40 seats. The Congress secured only 5 seats, and the BJP secured its first win in the state by claiming the Tuichawng constituency in South Mizoram. The MNF is affiliated with both the NDA at the national level and the BJP-led NEDA in the regional context.

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