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Zomi Council Conveys Gratitude to CM Zoramthanga for Support to Manipur’s Zo-Ethnic Population

Leaders representing the Zomi Council Steering Committee from Manipur held a meeting with Mizoram Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga to express their appreciation for his unwavering dedication to the zo-ethnic community in Manipur.

During the meeting, the Zomi Council Steering Committee shared their concerns and requests, to which Pu Zoramthanga responded with valuable insights and advice. While acknowledging the urgency of immediate assistance, Chief Minister Zoramthanga highlighted that Mizoram is nearing elections, potentially posing challenges to swift aid. Nonetheless, he assured the committee that their demands will be thoroughly considered by the administration.

The committee members commended the Mizoram government’s efforts in reconstructing crucial road links, including the Tuivai Bridge, Daido Road, and Hliappui to Kawlkulh Road. These road connections play a pivotal role in facilitating the import of essential goods from Manipur. Despite the ongoing conflicts in Manipur, the committee acknowledged Mizoram’s steadfast commitment to maintaining the flow of vital commodities.

Furthermore, the committee emphasized the proactive roles played by Mizoram Members of Parliament, Shri C. Lalrosanga and Shri K. Vanlalvena. These MPs have been fervently advocating for the cause of the zo-ethnic population within Parliament, receiving strong support from the media. The committee expressed their gratitude and relief for the concerted efforts made on their behalf.

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