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Wife of Man Arrested by NIA in Manipur Bomb Blast Case Proclaims His Innocence

Manipur, October 1, 2023: In a recent development, a 51-year-old private school teacher, Seiminlun Gangte, was arrested on Saturday by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with the Kwakta Bomb Blast Case. However, his wife, Mangcy Gangte (45), staunchly asserts that her husband is innocent and has been wrongly implicated in the case.

The NIA issued a press statement on Saturday, announcing the arrest of Seiminlun Gangte in connection with a case related to a transnational conspiracy. According to the statement, this conspiracy allegedly involves the leadership of terror outfits based in Myanmar and Bangladesh, with the objective of waging war against the Government of India.

Confirming the arrest, the Manipur Police revealed that it was the result of a joint intelligence-based operation conducted in collaboration with the NIA. Seiminlun Gangte, identified as one of the prime suspects in RC. No. 01/2023/NIA (Recent Kwakta Bomb Blast Case), was apprehended from the Torbung area in Churachandpur District. Subsequently, he was transported to Delhi to be presented before the Delhi Special NIA Court.

However, the arrest has left Mangcy Gangte deeply distressed and questioning the charges against her husband. She vehemently defends his innocence, emphasizing that Seiminlun Gangte had no history of criminal activities or previous cases. “We are just a simple family of four surviving on a meager income,” she lamented.

Before the ethnic crisis in the state unfolded, Seiminlun Gangte worked as a private school teacher at VN English Model School in Kwakta. However, due to the escalating ethnic violence, the Gangte family relocated to Churachandpur district headquarters, where they currently reside in one of the relief centers in Tuiṭhaphai.

Mangcy Gangte shed light on her husband’s activities after their move, stating, “After our arrival in Churachandpur, my husband worked as a ‘middleman’ for one Muslim named Kamal from Kwakta, who regularly supplied hardware items to Churachandpur.” Kamal typically transported the items to Pholjang village, situated on the border between Churachandpur and Bishnupur district, where Seiminlun Gangte would then deliver them to customers in Churachandpur town. The commission earned from these transactions was crucial for their family’s survival.

Mangcy Gangte emphasized her husband’s frail health condition, suffering from a Pile case and gastrointestinal infections, which led to his exemption from rotational frontline duty. She questioned how such a physically weak person could be implicated in a terror act of the magnitude of a bomb blast.

“Our school principal also inquired about our well-being and wondered how such an innocent person could be arrested in a terror-related case. This must be a mischievous ploy of some sinister individuals,” Gangte stated firmly. “They are attempting to make my husband their ‘scapegoat’ by wrongly implicating him in a case to which he has no connection, using him as a sacrificial lamb for their incompetence,” she added.

In light of the arrest and her conviction of her husband’s innocence, Mangcy Gangte filed a missing/abduction case at Churachandpur Police Station on Saturday night. The Gangte family originally hails from J. Phaikholum village in Thanlon Sub-Division, Pherzawl district, and had settled in Kwakta until June 2023, where Seiminlun Gangte served as a private teacher from 2018. Their two sons are currently pursuing their studies in Tripura.

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