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Mizo Social Activist Dr. Lalrinawmi Ralte Receives Inaugural Zakapa Award for Advocating Women’s Safety

Aizawl, September 22 – In a momentous occasion, the inaugural Zakapa Award for 2023 has been conferred upon Dr. Lalrinawmi Ralte, a dedicated Mizo social activist hailing from Tlangnuam, Aizawl. The prestigious award, which recognizes exceptional contributions towards the protection and advancement of women’s welfare and safety, was presented to Dr. Ralte during a ceremony organized by the Department of Social Welfare & Tribal Affairs, Government of Mizoram. The event, held at Vanapa Hall in Aizawl, witnessed Chief Minister Zoramthanga bestowing the award upon the worthy recipient, accompanied by a citation and a cash prize of one lakh rupees.

The Zakapa Award holds a unique significance, as it pays tribute to individuals, institutions, or non-governmental organizations that have actively combated injustices against women and played pivotal roles in the promotion of women’s well-being. Furthermore, the award serves as a powerful tool to raise awareness among the general public regarding the paramount importance of women’s safety and security in society.

Zakapa Award: A Tribute to Courage and Advocacy

The name “Zakapa Award” finds its roots in the remarkable history of Zakapa, a revered Mizo (Fanai) Chief who governed Khawhri in 1891. During his reign over Khawhri village, a significant incident unfolded when CS Murray, the Superintendent of South Lushai Hills at the time, demanded the presence of two women for a night during his stay in Khawhri. In an act of unwavering courage and conviction, Zakapa vehemently rejected this demand, citing a flagrant violation of tribal law and an affront to the dignity of women. His resolute refusal ignited a confrontation between the two parties at Khawhri, ultimately resulting in Zakapa’s capture as a prisoner under the British Government. This incident sent shockwaves through the region and led to a consequential notification that directed all British officials in the Lushai Hills to refrain from such misconduct.

In homage to Zakapa’s indomitable commitment to the protection and empowerment of women in society, the Department of Social Welfare and Tribal Affairs, Government of Mizoram, introduced the Zakapa Award in the present day.

Dr. Lalrinawmi Ralte: A Beacon of Change

Dr. Lalrinawmi Ralte’s selection as the inaugural recipient of the Zakapa Award underscores her exceptional dedication and tireless efforts in advocating for women’s safety and rights within Mizoram. Her work transcends mere advocacy, as she has actively worked towards tangible changes and improvements in the lives of women across the state.

Throughout her illustrious career as a social activist, Dr. Ralte has championed various causes related to women’s welfare. She has been a vocal advocate for gender equality, education, and healthcare access for women in Mizoram. Dr. Ralte’s commitment to eradicating gender-based violence and discrimination has been unwavering, and her initiatives have brought about tangible improvements in the lives of countless women.

Notably, Dr. Ralte has played a pivotal role in promoting women’s economic empowerment in Mizoram. Her efforts have included skill development programs, vocational training, and the establishment of self-help groups aimed at fostering financial independence among women.

Furthermore, Dr. Ralte has been instrumental in raising awareness about women’s safety and security issues in the state. She has organized workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns to educate women and communities about their rights and the importance of creating safe environments.

A Remarkable Legacy of Advocacy

Dr. Lalrinawmi Ralte’s selection as the first-ever recipient of the Zakapa Award serves as a testament to her enduring legacy of advocacy and her unwavering commitment to advancing the cause of women’s safety and well-being in Mizoram. Her work embodies the spirit of Zakapa, who courageously stood up against injustice and paved the way for change.

As Mizoram celebrates the achievements of Dr. Ralte and the ideals of Zakapa, it is hoped that her recognition will inspire others to join the movement for gender equality, women’s empowerment, and the protection of women’s rights. The Zakapa Award reinforces the message that every individual and organization can contribute to creating a safer and more equitable society for women, ultimately leading to a brighter and more inclusive future for all in Mizoram.

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