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Lalsangzuali Tuolor Awarded Ph.D. for Research on Hmar Women’s Representation in Folktales and Songs

Haflong – Lalsangzuali Tuolor has achieved a significant academic milestone by being awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at Mizoram University. Her doctoral research, conducted under the supervision of Dr. Kristina Z. Zama, focused on the theme of “Patriarchal Resistance: A Study of Hmar Women as Represented in a Selected Folktales and Songs.”

Lalsangzuali Tuolor, who is the daughter of Chunga Tuolor and Zoliani Tuolor, and the wife of Roland L. Inbuon, has demonstrated a deep commitment to scholarly pursuits in her academic journey. Her research into the representation of Hmar women in folktales and songs is a valuable contribution to the understanding of gender dynamics within the Hmar community.

The subject of her research, “Patriarchal Resistance,” delves into the ways in which Hmar women are portrayed and how these representations reflect their agency and resistance within a patriarchal framework. Folktales and songs often serve as repositories of cultural values and narratives, and Lalsangzuali Tuolor’s work offers a nuanced exploration of the roles, identities, and struggles of Hmar women as depicted in these traditional forms of storytelling.

Lalsangzuali Tuolor’s academic achievements have been acknowledged and celebrated by the academic community and her peers. Her dedication to the study of Hmar culture and her commitment to shedding light on the experiences of Hmar women through academic research are commendable.

Currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Haflong Government College, Haflong, Lalsangzuali Tuolor’s academic journey continues to inspire others, particularly those interested in the fields of cultural studies, gender studies, and folklore. Her Ph.D. research is expected to contribute to a broader understanding of gender dynamics, cultural representation, and the resilience of Hmar women within their community.

As Lalsangzuali Tuolor embarks on the next phase of her academic and professional journey, her work serves as a testament to the importance of research in enriching our understanding of diverse cultures and communities, and the role of women within them. Her accomplishments are a source of pride for her family, academic mentors, and the broader academic community.

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