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Hmar Students’ Association Silchar Branch Celebrates 29th Freshers’ Meet with Cultural Elation

Silchar, November 15: The Hmar Students’ Association (HSA) Silchar Branch reveled in its 29th Freshers’ Meet cum Annual Meet at Bango Bhawan, Sadargaht, located in the northern outskirts of Cachar District Headquarters. The event, characterized by cultural enthusiasm and celebration, took place on November 15, attracting dignitaries and students alike.

Distinguished Guests and Artistic Showcases

The event was honored by the presence of Mr. H.D Ramtawnlien, Assistant General Manager of the State Bank Of India, who served as the Chief Guest. Additionally, Dr. Jenneth Faihriem, a respected medical officer at Silchar Medical College & Hospital (SMCH), and Miss Euniky L Kungate, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Botany at Gurucharran College, graced the occasion as Guests of Honour. The event sparkled with diverse performances from talented artists, dancers, and guitarists, further elevated by the presence of renowned Hmar singer Miss Lalparzo Sanate.

Welcoming Fresh Talent

The Freshers’ social was a highlight, with 18 new students, including 10 boys, who recently arrived in Silchar for higher studies, being warmly welcomed and inducted into the association. This induction marked a significant step in their academic journey in Silchar.

Honoring Academic Excellence

In addition to welcoming new students, the event also celebrated academic achievements, felicitating several students for their exceptional performance. Mr. H.D Ramtawnlien, in his address, underscored the value of diligence and perseverance, motivating students with the message that success is a fruit of hard work and unwavering determination.

Insights from the Guests of Honour

The Guests of Honour, Dr. Janet R Faihriem and Miss Euniky L Kungate, along with representatives from the Hmar Welfare Society (HWS), Silchar, and the Young Mizo Association (YMA), Silchar, also shared their perspectives, enriching the event with their experiences and insights.

Leadership for the Future

A pivotal moment of the event was the General Election of the Office Bearers, conducted by HSA General Headquarters. The election saw Mr. Daniel L Kungate being elected as President, with Mr. Nehemi Ls Thiek retaining his position as Vice President. The portfolios of Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and Finance Secretary cum Treasurer were assumed by Mr. Nehemia Faihriem, Mr. S Thanga Changsan, and Miss Judith Intovate, respectively.

Celebrating the Stars of the Meet

The Freshers’ Meet also witnessed the crowning of Mr. John Lallawmum Neingaite and Miss Edenmawi Hekte as Mister and Miss Freshers 2023, a tradition that adds a touch of glamour and festivity to the event.

A Confluence of Culture and Academia

The 29th Freshers’ Meet cum Annual Meet of the Hmar Students’ Association Silchar Branch stands as a testament to the vibrant confluence of culture, academic achievement, and community spirit.

It not only welcomed new students into its fold but also acknowledged the challenges and opportunities in the wider societal context, particularly in agriculture. This event marks another successful chapter in the association’s ongoing commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a sense of unity and purpose among its members.

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