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Unrest Continues in Manipur: Militant Dominance Overwhelms Law and Order

Imphal, October 18, 2023 – The capital of Manipur, Imphal, continues to be engulfed in a climate of fear as the radical militant group, Arambai Tenggols, flaunts its dominion over the region, undermining the rule of law. Nearly half a year has elapsed since the emergence of a dire law and order situation, yet normalcy remains elusive with the radical militants seemingly replacing the Meitei Police in maintaining control as per their whims.

Security Measures Fall Short

Kuldip Singh, the security advisor to the Government of Manipur, had launched a mass combing operation weeks ago with the aim of recovering a vast number of sophisticated weapons held by radical elements. Despite these efforts, the situation remains grim, with the militant groups still wreaking havoc and showcasing their might openly.

Public Display of Militant Power

A recent video that surfaced on social media platforms showed a cavalcade of the Arambai Tenggols brazenly flaunting their sophisticated weaponry while patrolling the streets of greater Imphal. The video, which went viral before being taken down, has sparked a fresh wave of concern among citizens and brought the effectiveness of the law enforcement agencies under scrutiny. The audacity with which these militants roamed the streets, unchallenged by the local police, points to a deeply entrenched problem and raises questions on the state’s preparedness and resolve to combat such radical elements.

A Reign of Terror

The Arambai Tenggols have not only targeted the Kukis but also extended their reign of terror to the Meitei populace, silencing voices that dare to question their motives or actions. The atmosphere of intimidation has created a fear psychosis among the intellectual community, stifling open discussions and critique against the terror outfits.

Social Media Speculations

Speculations ran rampant on social media platforms regarding the motives behind the public display of arms, with some users suggesting that the militants were heading towards Chandel district to further extend their campaign of terror. However, these claims remain unverified.

Authority’s Inaction: A Cause for Concern

The continuous inaction and apparent lack of urgency from the Unified Command in addressing the menace of radical groups has left the public in a state of despair. Questions are being raised about who empowers these militants to roam freely with sophisticated weapons, and what steps are being taken to restore peace and order in the city.

The Call for Action

The public eye is now fixed on the government and law enforcement agencies, awaiting decisive action to curb the terror outfits’ activities and restore a semblance of order in the region. The state of affairs in Meitei Kangleipak serves as a stark reminder of the fragile peace that prevails, and the urgent need for robust measures to dismantle the structures of terror that have taken root.

The involvement of various valley-based militant groups and their unhindered operations underscore the complex and volatile security scenario in the region. As the days pass with no substantial progress, the call for restoring law and order grows louder, with the hope that the concerned authorities will rise to the occasion to secure peace and stability in the beleaguered state.

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