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unquiet state

“Unquiet State” Book Release Aims to Illuminate Manipur’s Ethnic Divide and Promote Understanding

New Delhi, October 1, 2023: Amidst the recent turmoil in Manipur, marred by ethnic clashes and their devastating consequences, the HSA Joint Headquarters Delhi proudly announces the release of a book titled “Unquiet State.” This insightful work, authored by a collective group of scholars, delves deep into the heart of the contemporary ethnic divide in Manipur, offering readers a comprehensive analysis of its origins, the prevailing power dynamics, and the urgent need for a separate administration to address tribal demands.

“Unquiet State” is not just a book; it is an educational tool designed to shed light on the intricate issues surrounding ethnic conflicts in Manipur, fostering a deeper understanding of their complexities. It serves as a vital resource for those seeking a more profound insight into the challenges facing the region.

unquiet state

The HSA Joint Headquarters Delhi calls upon individuals, organizations, and communities to support this important cause by acquiring a copy of “Unquiet State,” priced at just Rs. 500/- per copy. By doing so, readers not only gain valuable insights into the intricate issues at hand but also actively participate in supporting tribal communities in Manipur.

The release of “Unquiet State” is a significant step toward raising awareness and addressing the ongoing challenges in Manipur. It is a call to action for all individuals who wish to contribute to a more harmonious and progressive future for the region.

The HSA Joint Headquarters Delhi takes this opportunity to extend heartfelt thanks to Reverend John L. Pudaite and his family for their invaluable contribution to the publication of the book.

To purchase “Unquiet State,” interested parties can contact the following individuals at the listed locations:

  1. Delhi
  • Contact Person: Moses
  • Phone Numbers: +91 8929321797, +91 9933992017
  1. Manipur / Tuithaphai
  • Contact Person: Ramngaium
  • Phone Number: +91 8575776635
  1. Mizoram / Aizawl
  • Contact Person: Jerry H Pulamte
  • Phone Number: +91 8131985134
  1. Silchar
  • Contact Person: Peter Kungate
  • Phone Numbers: +91 9864098657, +91 9678391442
  1. Shillong
  • Contact Person: Obed Thomte
  • Phone Number: +91 8416075640
  1. Maharashtra
  • Contact Person: Zaremthang Songate
  • Phone Number: +91 8411016424
  1. Haflong / Muolhoi
  • Contact Person: John Mark
  • Phone Number: +91 8638624758
  1. Chennai
  • Contact Person: Jehu
  • Phone Number: +91 8015752641
  1. Bangalore
  • Contact Person: Ramchanglien Pulamte
  • Phone Number: +91 6360036757
  1. Hmarkhawlien
    • Contact Person: Barnaba L. Khawbung
    • Phone Number: +91 7002785995
  2. Guwahati
    • Contact Person: Eric
    • Phone Number: +91 80992 35343

For more information about purchasing “Unquiet State,” please reach out to the provided contacts.

As the book “Unquiet State” makes its debut, it is anticipated that it will not only educate readers but also inspire meaningful dialogue and actions aimed at promoting peace and understanding in Manipur.

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