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Meitei Mobs Disrupt Medical Supplies Destined for Hill Districts, Destroy Vaccines

Imphal, August 21, 2023: The already tense situation in Manipur took a distressing turn when a group of Meitei mobs targeted medical supplies destined for hill districts. On Friday, a convoy carrying essential immunization vaccines intended for Kangpokpi district was ambushed by Meitei mobs at Sekmai village. These vaccines, dispatched by the Health and Family Welfare Department, were designated for children under 10 years of age and pregnant women. Shockingly, the Meitei mob not only seized the medicines but also deliberately destroyed them.

The incident has raised serious concerns about the deteriorating situation in the state, where certain groups seem to be taking the law into their own hands, hampering crucial healthcare operations and endangering lives. The disruption of medical supplies, particularly vaccines, can have far-reaching consequences for public health, leaving vulnerable populations at risk.

The Kangpokpi-based Committee on Tribal Unity (CoTU) strongly condemned the incident, categorizing it as a “premeditated act of hooliganism” on the part of the Meitei mob. This is not the first instance of such disruptions, as CoTU highlighted the past instances where Meira Paibis, a women’s vigilante group, had obstructed the movement of essential items, including medical supplies, to Kuki-Zo inhabited areas.

In response to the incident, an official First Information Report (FIR) has been lodged at the Kangpokpi police station. However, the incident underscores the pressing need for swift and effective measures to ensure the safety and accessibility of essential supplies, especially medical resources, to all areas of the state.

The incident highlights the growing tensions between different communities in Manipur, and the disruption of medical supplies further exacerbates an already complex and volatile situation. The state government and relevant authorities are urged to take immediate action to prevent such incidents and restore a sense of security and stability to the region. The well-being of the citizens, especially in matters as critical as healthcare, should remain a top priority for all stakeholders involved.

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