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Fresh Violence Claims Lives of Three Kuki Individuals in Manipur

The ongoing ethnic conflict in Manipur has once again turned deadly, as three Kuki men lost their lives in the Tangkhul Naga-dominated Ukhrul region early on Friday morning.

As reported by The Indian Express, the victims have been identified as Thangkhokai Haokip, Jamkhogin Haokip, and Hollenson Baite. The tragic incident unfolded around 4:30 am in Thowai Kuki, a Kuki village. These three individuals, designated as village guards by the local community, were gunned down, according to the police.

“The incident is a direct consequence of the ongoing ethnic tensions within the state. A group of armed individuals entered the village, targeting these three guards who were on duty. The gunfire has ceased, and a joint team of security forces, including the Army and police, has been deployed to the area,” shared Ukhrul SP Ningshem Vashum.

Vashum noted that the village is located in a remote area, with the nearest security checkpoint being three kilometers away.

India Today reported that villagers heard intense gunfire in the morning and subsequently discovered the lifeless bodies of the three men.

Notably, this particular area had maintained relative peace during the intense ethnic clashes that have plagued the state since May 3. The ongoing violence has claimed the lives of over 150 individuals and displaced tens of thousands. The N. Biren Singh-led state government has faced criticism from various parties and stakeholders for its inability to quell the unrest.

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