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Exploring Nature’s Retreats: Picnic Spots in Aizawl, Mizoram

When it comes to finding an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, few things can rival the joy of a picnic in the lap of nature. Aizawl, the picturesque capital city of Mizoram, offers a plethora of serene and scenic spots that are perfect for a leisurely day out with family and friends. Let’s dive into some of the best picnic spots that Aizawl has to offer, promising not only breathtaking views but also unforgettable memories.

1. Durtlang Hills:
Located just a short drive away from the heart of Aizawl, the Durtlang Hills are a popular choice for nature enthusiasts and picnickers alike. The hills offer panoramic vistas of the city and surrounding valleys, making it an ideal spot for enjoying a packed lunch while soaking in the stunning landscape. The trek to the hilltop is an adventure in itself, adding an extra layer of excitement to your picnic experience.

2. Berawtlang Tourist Complex:
For those seeking a tranquil retreat amidst lush greenery, the Berawtlang Tourist Complex is an excellent option. With well-manicured lawns, serene ponds, and charming cottages, this complex offers the perfect setting for a relaxing day outdoors. Pack a picnic basket and spend quality time by the water or explore the walking trails for a peaceful escape from the urban hustle.

3. Reiek Tlang:
Nestled around 30 kilometers from Aizawl, Reiek Tlang is a must-visit spot for nature lovers. The mountain peak offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Reiek’s eco park is an ideal spot for picnicking, featuring well-maintained picnic tables and benches. You can also explore the nearby village to get a taste of the local way of life.

4. Ailawng Village:
For a more immersive experience, consider heading to Ailawng Village, located about an hour’s drive from Aizawl. This village offers an opportunity to learn about the local culture and enjoy the tranquility of rural life. With its idyllic surroundings and warm hospitality, Ailawng Village is a great place to set up a picnic spot and connect with the community.

5. K.V Paradise:
Situated in the heart of Aizawl, K.V Paradise is a park that combines recreation with relaxation. With its lush green lawns, colorful flowers, and play areas for children, it’s an excellent spot for families to enjoy a picnic. Unwind on the park benches, savor your snacks, and watch as the world goes by in this urban oasis.

Contact Numbers of Best Picnic Spots in Aizawl

Here’s the list of picnic spots near Aizawl City along with their contact numbers:

  1. RTP Picnic Spot – +919612602585
  2. BS Farm – +919436153658
  3. Chawngvawr – 03892395395
  4. Coconut Grove – 03892340951
  5. Daifim – +919615003337
  6. DG Park – 03892329791
  7. Holiday Palace – 03892323156 / Holiday – 03892323325
  8. Hrangbana Resort – 03892341279
  9. Hyde Out – 03892342281 / 03892011462
  10. JL Picnic Spot – 03892321242
  11. Kevins Farm – 03892320526
  12. Kp Resort – 03892341913
  13. Liando Resort – +919862312303 / +919436146211
  14. Millions – +919436151452
  15. Mosia – 03892345880
  16. Oasis – +919862415927
  17. Park Eden – +919862373550
  18. SLT Sailo – 03892333585
  19. Suaka Resort – +919436146385
  20. West End – 03892349316
  21. Zote – 03892316906 / +919862324500 / +919862277967
  22. Chawngvawra – 03892305306
  23. N Palai – 03892341913
  24. Liando – +919862312303 / +919436146211
  25. Hrangbana – 03892341279
  26. Bungbangla – 03892350669
  27. Nextcomm Resort – +918731059877

Feel free to reach out to these contact numbers for more information or to plan your next picnic adventure near Aizawl City!

From the heights of Durtlang Hills to the tranquility of Berawtlang Tourist Complex, Aizawl offers a diverse range of picnic spots that cater to various preferences. Whether you’re seeking adventure, serenity, or cultural immersion, these picnic spots are bound to leave you rejuvenated and inspired. So pack your picnic basket, gather your loved ones, and embark on a journey to these picturesque retreats in the heart of Aizawl, Mizoram.

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