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Lalpa Ka Tan I Va Tha Em (Lyrics) – BSI Choir, Lunglei

Ka hringnun hi, a va har em Lalpa,
Sawichhiat hmuhsit leh hektu ten;
Nitin min umzui banzai an rel lo,
Ka chau ta e min pui rawh Lalpa.

Mahse nangin i hria ka chhungril ber pawh,
Min muanin ka lamah ban i phar reng si;
Ka lungngaih mittui min hruk hul sak thin,
Lalpa ka tan i va tha em.

That leh felna nei bik chuang lovin,
An sel rawn ka hringnun ngei hi;
Dawt tin ten a hual vel ka nun zawng hi,
Engtinnge ni ang le aw Lalpa.

Hnemtu leh innghahna a ka ngaihte,
Tah leh natna min belhtu mai;
Beidawng leh ruma min siamtu te hi,
I hneh dawn kan damna Lalisu.

Hei erawh hi ka hrereng fovang,
Ka tan i awm reng englai pawn;
Beiseina thar min pe ka nun chau hi,
Min chhawk thin ka ritphurh zawngte pawh.

Lalpa Ka Tan I Va Tha Em

Composed by: R. Lalawmpuii
Tune by: Lalchansanga Punte

Popularised by BSI Choir, Lunglei

BSI Choir Lunglei ‘S’ Branch-te in thiamin in zai a ngaihnawm hle mai. Conductor leh zaipawl member-te inpekna a fakawm tak zet. A hla thu a thain a thluk a mawi bawk a, thlirtu leh ngaithlatu lo pung zel sela, he hla atang hian mi tam takin malsawmna lo chang mawlh rawh se

Elema Hnamte

The Bible Society of India is a Christian organization dedicated to translating, publishing, and distributing the Bible in various languages spoken in India. Here are some key aspects of their work:

  1. History and Establishment: The Bible Society of India was established to ensure that people in India could read the Bible in their own languages. This mission was in response to India’s vast linguistic diversity.
  2. Translation Efforts: One of their primary objectives is to translate the Bible into various Indian languages. India is home to hundreds of languages and dialects, making this task both challenging and essential.
  3. Distribution and Reach: Alongside translation, they also focus on distributing these translations to make them accessible to people across the country, often at subsidized prices or for free to reach the economically disadvantaged.
  4. Educational Programs: They often engage in educational and literacy programs to help people read and understand the Bible. This is especially important in areas with low literacy rates.
  5. Interdenominational Cooperation: The Bible Society works across different Christian denominations, embodying an ecumenical spirit to unite various Christian communities in India around the common cause of the Bible.
  6. Global Network: It is part of the United Bible Societies, a global network of Bible societies working in over 200 countries and territories.
  7. Cultural Sensitivity: Given the diverse cultural landscape of India, their translation and distribution efforts are mindful of the cultural and religious sensitivities prevalent in different regions.
  8. Digital Outreach: In the modern era, they also focus on digital formats of the Bible, making it accessible through online platforms and mobile applications.
  9. Community Impact: Beyond just distributing Bibles, the Society also engages in community development programs, aiming to address social issues and improve the lives of the underprivileged.
  10. Partnerships and Funding: They often partner with local churches, organizations, and international bodies for resources and support. Their funding mainly comes from donations from individuals, churches, and other organizations.

The Bible Society of India plays a significant role in making the Christian scriptures accessible and understandable to the diverse population of India, contributing to religious education and spiritual growth.

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