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Joint Security Coordination Meeting Addresses Key Concerns

Churachandpur, 11th October, 2023 – A pivotal Joint Security Coordination Meeting was convened yesterday at the DC Conference Hall, Mini Complex, Tuibong, in a bid to address the growing concerns over the escalating ethnic violence and the role of security forces in Churachandpur. Presided over by DC S. Dharum Kumar and SP Karthik Malladi, the meeting saw representation from various student and community organizations, security agencies, and notable personalities.

The Hmar Students’ Association Tuiṭhaphai Joint Headquarters was one of the many notable attendees, alongside leaders from the Zomi Steering Council Committee, Central Village Defense Force, and key representatives from Assam Rifles, CRPF, ITBP, and RAF. Lunkhomang Khongsai, CO 1st IRB, was also present, offering insights from his vast experience in the region.

One of the central topics discussed was the use of privately owned vehicles by the newly deployed security forces across the district. The SP of Churachandpur, Karthik Malladi, took the opportunity to clarify that the deployment of these vehicles was a matter of necessity, given the lack of motor vehicles available to the incoming troops. To avoid future confusion and potential misinformation, it was decided that all hired private vehicles would henceforth bear stickers to identify them as being in use by the security forces.

Malladi emphasized the importance of public trust in these challenging times. With twenty-seven Central Armed Police Forces companies now stationed in the district, the SP shed light on their deployment locations, hoping to allay fears and doubts that community leaders might have. He stressed that the security forces, dispatched from mainland India, were there to uphold roles assigned by the central government. Their primary objective was to ensure safety and protection for all, irrespective of community affiliations.

A significant announcement made during the meeting pertained to the retrieval of looted weapons in the district. The ongoing ethnic conflict since May 3 had seen a substantial number of weapons pilfered from police stations, with around 400 weapons and 50,000 bullets reported stolen. While the security forces have successfully retrieved 65 guns to date, an estimated 350 weapons remain unaccounted for. The SP appealed to the community leaders to support and assist the security forces in their ongoing efforts to recover these arms, emphasizing that the safety of Churachandpur’s residents hinges on the removal of these weapons from unauthorized hands.

The meeting was a stark reminder of the challenges facing Churachandpur and Manipur at large. With the region mired in chaos for over five months, the rule of law has been severely compromised. The SP’s appeal to community leaders underscores the pressing need for collaboration between the public and security forces. By working together, it is hoped that Churachandpur can return to a state of stability and peace.

The Joint Security Coordination Meeting signifies a step in the right direction, with all stakeholders coming together to chart a path forward. As Manipur seeks to heal and rebuild, such collaborative efforts will be crucial in ensuring the safety and well-being of all its residents.

Source: Tuithaphai Times

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