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Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum Publishes List of Confiscated and Demolished Properties

In the aftermath of the ethnic conflict that has deeply affected the Kuki-Hmar-Zomi-Mizo communities in Manipur, many individuals and families were forced to abandon their lands, houses, and assets in order to survive. Additionally, numerous houses, churches, and lands were confiscated and demolished, primarily in areas like Imphal, the capital of Manipur. To address these issues, the Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF) has undertaken an initiative to compile a comprehensive list of these confiscated and annihilated properties.

The Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum, an organization representing the interests and concerns of these tribal communities, recognizes the importance of documenting the losses suffered by the affected families. This documentation serves multiple purposes, including advocating for the rights and restitution of those impacted and preserving the historical record of these events.

In an effort to gather accurate and comprehensive information, the ITLF appealed to the public to contribute by submitting the names and addresses of assets that were confiscated and destroyed by the Meiteis during the course of the ethnic conflict. Responding to this call to action, members of the Kuki-Zomi-Hmar-Mizo communities have diligently submitted documents such as Pattas, which serve as evidence of ownership, for damaged assets including houses, churches, and paddy fields.

The ITLF Planning and Rehabilitation Department has undertaken the responsibility of compiling and organizing this critical data. The department has been meticulously verifying and cross-referencing the information provided by community members to create a comprehensive list of the confiscated and demolished properties.

In a significant development, the ITLF Planning and Rehabilitation Department has now published the names and addresses of all the confiscated and demolished properties at the ITLF’s office. This publication represents a significant step towards acknowledging the losses suffered by these communities and seeking redressal for the affected individuals and families.

As part of this initiative, the ITLF also appeals to the public to review the published list carefully. They encourage individuals to come forward with any information, corrections, or updates regarding the properties listed. The ITLF recognizes the importance of maintaining accuracy and transparency in this documentation process and is committed to making necessary amendments based on feedback from the community.

This comprehensive listing of confiscated and demolished properties is not only a testament to the resilience of the Kuki-Hmar-Zomi-Mizo communities but also a vital step towards seeking justice and restitution for those who have endured significant losses during the ethnic conflict. It is a collective effort to ensure that the history of these events is documented accurately and serves as a foundation for future actions aimed at addressing the challenges faced by these communities.

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