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HPCD (GHQ) Announces Merger with HPCD (Manipur Region) for a Unified Hmar Approach

Hmarram, September 20 – In a significant move aimed at serving the Hmar nation with increased determination and unity, the HPCD (Hmar People’s Convention-Democratic) General Headquarters (GHQ) has declared its decision to merge with the HPCD (Manipur Region). The announcement was made in a statement issued on September 21, 2023, by Mr. Elkan, Commander of HPC-D (GHQ). This decision reflects a commitment to pursuing a more consolidated approach among the Hmar community, with the approval of Chairman Kunga and Chief-in-Commander Joshua.

The merger is expected to foster greater cohesion and coordination within the Hmar community, potentially strengthening their collective efforts and endeavors. As the Hmar People’s Convention-Democratic (HPCD) unites its various regions, it aims to better address the interests and aspirations of the Hmar nation as a whole.

A Call for Unity and Prayer

In addition to announcing the merger, the statement issued by Mr. Elkan includes an appeal to the Hmar community. It calls upon Hmar individuals and supporters to come together in unity and solidarity. Such unity, the statement emphasizes, is crucial for advancing the common goals and well-being of the Hmar people.

Furthermore, the statement encourages the Hmar community to engage in prayers. This spiritual call reflects the importance of faith and hope as guiding principles during times of change and transformation.

The decision to merge HPCD (GHQ) with HPCD (Manipur Region) underscores the Hmar community’s determination to work collectively toward their shared objectives. It is expected that this move will lead to increased synergy and cooperation, ultimately benefiting the Hmar nation as they navigate various challenges and opportunities in their quest for progress and self-determination.

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