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Hmar Students’ Association Observes 85th Founding Day with Protest and Solidarity

October 3, 2023 – The Hmar Students’ Association (HSA), one of the oldest organizations in India’s Northeast, marked its 85th Founding Day on October 3, 2023. Unlike previous years, this significant occasion was observed with solemnity and protest rather than grand celebrations.

Across the states of Delhi, Mizoram, Manipur, Assam, Meghalaya, and Tripura, the HSA observed its Founding Day with a solemn and poignant demonstration of solidarity and protest. As part of this demonstration, the HSA lowered its flag to half-mast in all thirteen Joint Headquarters, Branches, and over one hundred and fifty Units across the country. This symbolic act served as a collective protest against the state-sponsored ethnic cleansing that has afflicted the Hmar Mizo, Kuki, and Zomi communities in Manipur.

The lowered flag also symbolized the HSA’s strong condemnation of the atrocities and injustices faced by these communities, who have endured immense suffering and persecution in their ancestral land.

The Founding Day observance in various locations was attended by several prominent figures. Exceptional students were honored with the prestigious HSA award in recognition of their academic achievements.

General President Pu. Rothanglien Khawbung expressed his gratitude in an official letter to all HSA Units, Joint Headquarters, and Branches. He thanked the HSA’s supporters and acknowledged the organization’s journey so far.

In the letter, Pu. Rothanglien Khawbung reiterated the meaning and significance of the Hmar Students’ Association’s motto: “Sinin, Hrilin, Sanin, Thuoiin serve the Nation,” emphasizing its importance for all students in the Hmar community.

He encouraged Hmar students across the country to uphold the spirit of the HSA motto in their future endeavors. Additionally, he advised them to preserve the traditional values and virtues of the Hmar people, which form the foundation of the HSA’s motto.

The HSA’s observance of its 85th Founding Day with a focus on protest and solidarity underscores the organization’s commitment to addressing the challenges and injustices faced by its community, particularly in the context of the ongoing ethnic conflict in Manipur.

Source: Tuithaphai Times by HSA

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