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Aw Hlimna Le Lawmna Aw Krismas (Lyrics) – Hmar Christmas Hla

Aw hlimna le lawmna aw krismas,
Ngaiin hla takah kan lo thlir che a;
Lawmna parte changtieng hung chawi la,
Bethlehem khawsungah leng vel ei tih.

Aw hlim tak le lawmin chawimawi ei tiu,
Bethlehem bawng in a Lal hung pieng chu;
A hming Maka, Rem Lal Pathien hrât,
Chatuonin rorel sien Halleluiah.

Van mipuiin an hung inthlah a,
“Chunghnung taka Pathien ropui raw se;
Hnuoi mihriem hai lai remna lêng sien”
Tiin hlamawi ropui chu an hung rem.

A Lalṭhungpha le a Lallukhum,
Maksanin Bethlehem bawng in sûng ah;
Nautehai chan ang chu chang vein,
Ranbupêkna thlênga chun an inzâl.

Tiena Pile Pu’n an hmu phâk naw,
Lal lungawi kum hun Lal pieng ni lawm um;
Thina deihlim hnuoia mhung haiin,
“Halleluiah” tiin bân vâwr ei tiu.

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